How To Protect Your Online Reputation for Your Business

August 20, 2016

Your company’s acceptability is its a lot of admired asset. If it’s tarnished, you could lose barter and sales. This commodity shows how abrogating reviews are not consistently what they assume and what you can do about it.

In business, as in life, we angle or abatement on the cachet of our reputation. Companies absorb abounding years, and abundant money, architecture up a absolute acceptability through agents training, chump account policies, alert to chump acknowledgment and more.

Despite aggregate a business can do, a acceptability is a aerial article that can calmly be burst into a thousand pieces by a few ill placed words. Never has this been added accurate than in this avant-garde abstruse apple of internet analysis sites and adaptable agenda technology, area a damaging analysis adjoin a business can be appear to the absolute apple in a bulk of minutes.

But is one analysis absolutely traveling to accept an appulse on the way humans appearance your business? After all, if they attending about they can acquisition added acceptable reviews about you. But if this is the aboriginal acquaintance a abeyant new chump has with your company, how is it traveling to attending to them? Is that absolutely the aboriginal (and a lot of lasting) consequence you wish to accord anyone who hasn’t yet done business with you? How abundant harder will it be to affected that abrogating acquaintance of your brand, abnormally at the alpha of your business accord with that person?

Managing how your business is represented online is absolute important, abnormally as 89% of consumers about the apple alpha to attending for a artefact by accomplishing a seek on the internet afore buying. And accustomed the bulk of antagonism every business has out there, if a chump encounters a bad business analysis about your business, the likelihood is they will artlessly move on to the next business down the seek account rather than attending for a added absolute analysis about you.

Online Acceptability Administration absolutely affairs to any business. Why is it all-important to administer how your company’s business acceptability is portrayed online? It is all to do with the abode in which humans boutique today.

It acclimated to be that if anyone capital to buy a new product, say a abrasion machine, they would go into a artery and adhesive abundance and browse through the ambit they had to offer, as able-bodied as allurement accompany and ancestors for admonition on the best best to make.

Today the internet has opened up not just bags but millions of opinions that can be accessed and apprehend in abnormal from online analysis sites, amusing media babble capacity and client reviews. An absurd 89% of all-around consumers will activate by authoritative an online seek to advice them in their adventure to adjudge on a acquirement decision. So what added humans accept to say about your business, artefact or casework will calculation in a big way appear them authoritative a acquirement from you or not.

So in adjustment to accumulate your Online Acceptability a absolute aspect to your business, you should jealously bouncer it and yield proactive accomplish to adjustment any accident you may find.


There are a amount of occasions if anyone ability be prompted to broadcast a bad analysis of your business, and it would be absolute alarming just to abolish one because you apperceive or anticipate it to be apocryphal or unfair.

You charge to ask yourself ‘Why did this accepting feel affected to say these things?’

Whether there is any absolute accuracy in the animadversion or not, acutely that accepting believed the acumen was absolute to them and was accountable to let you (and appropriately the blow of the internet) apperceive how acerb they felt. So while the abrogating comments may not be valid, you charge to bethink at all times there is a absolute accepting abaft them.


People adulation to acquaint businesses ‘The chump is consistently right’, behindhand of whether they are accepting unreasonable, over ambitious or accept expectations that are greater than the promised services. They accept developed up with this ‘I am right’ culture. So if things do not go to plan, they feel they accept the appropriate to say something.

While barter are not ALWAYS right, they are not consistently WRONG either. You charge to attending at the customer’s acquaintance on an alone base to see whether they accept a 18-carat complaint afore you adjudge to yield any action.


Unfortunately, it is accurate that some arrant businesses can apply bedraggled tricks by advisedly autograph and publishing affected abrogating reviews beneath a apocryphal name about their adolescent competitors. It can be absolute difficult to prove that a analysis is not real. Sites like YELP, which actively ambition apocryphal absolute reviews, are starting to try to analyze and abolish these apocryphal abrogating ones, but until it is apparent to be a affected review, you accept to accord with anniversary one as if it were a absolute chump behindhand of any suspicions you may have.


Whether they are accepted or accomplished employees, if one of your workers has a animosity or is unhappy, they can end up putting out a amount of abrogating comments or reviews. But it isn’t consistently those with a animosity who could could cause a problem.

Everyone aural your company, from the top admiral down to the boutique attic sales staff, has the abeyant to could could cause your business to get some abrogating press. It could be that anyone makes a account that is absolute controversial; disorderly or bent behaviour of agents affiliated aback to your business; arguable photographs involving associates of your agents could be appear on amusing media, absorption abominably on your business.

It is important to amusement any backside by staff, or any of the added situations, in the appropriate way. As appetizing as it may be to abolish agents employments or battery a adverse advance on the adversary you anticipate is bad face you, that blazon of activity will alone advance to bigger problems.

What can you do if you do appear beyond abrogating comments in amusing media, on a blog, on a analysis site, or even aural the comments sections on your own website?

You charge to acquisition agency of healing the wounds to your online reputation. Attending calmly and rationally for a agency to boldness things in a way that reflects able-bodied on you and your business. If not, you will alone accomplish in scarring your Online Acceptability even further.


Although it is altogether accustomed to feel affronted or agitated about abrogating comments others may be adage about your business, you charge to abstain accomplishing any of these things at all cost…

1. Don’t Try To Erase All Trace

Many businesses accept been bent out by cerebration the best way to accord with a abrogating animadversion storm is to annul out all trace of the bad ones and afresh it will just go away. The adverse accuracy is that already you accept appear something into cyberspace, it is absolute difficult to abolish it completely, as some businesses accept begin out to their cost. An adventure involving one aggregation was played out afore 1.4 actor angle – that is a lot of customers!

Deleting comments tells abeyant barter you accept something to adumbrate or that there is something amiss with your business. It shatters any assurance they may accept in you. If you accept fabricated a mistake, don’t be abashed to own up and afresh yield absolute accessible accomplish to accomplish it right. Humans account the actuality that you accept endemic up and are committed to accepting it right. It builds aplomb in your business motives and ethics.

2. Don’t Lash Out

We generally yield these abrogating comments as an advance on us personally. The animal affair to do is to (over)react and forward a acerbic battery of words aback at the behind reviewer. These are not the accomplishments that will advance a blessed aftereffect in any situation.

As a business, you can calmly be put beneath accessible assay by the way you acknowledge to abrogating comments. So you charge to anticipate afore you speak. We said beforehand that annihilation anytime absolutely disappears off the internet. Do you absolutely wish to broadcast something accounting in alacrity and in the calefaction of the moment that will appear aback to chaw you afresh and again?

It is abundant bigger to abode out a aboriginal draft, afresh leave it for a few hours until you can analysis it in a added composed anatomy of mind, and abate any anytime acrid words.

3. Don’t Put Acceptable Words In Anyone Else’s Mouth

You may anticipate ‘If they can abode a bad analysis about me, afresh I can abode a acceptable one!’ It may SOUND like a acceptable idea, but a lie is a lie. You may be adage accurate things about your company, but by assuming to be anyone else, or by accepting anyone abroad to leave a acceptable analysis accounting or prompted by you, you ARE accepting deceitful.

How could you anytime assurance anyone afresh if you begin that out? Deception causes even beneath assurance in a business than account a abrogating analysis or two. All businesses get bad reviews. Not all businesses lie to their customers, and those that do fair absolute abominably if it is discovered.

Review sites like YELP and seek engines like Google realise that affected acceptable reviews are accepting placed on sites. If they even doubtable that to be the case, not alone will they abolish the behind analysis but they will lower or even abolish the baronial of the behind business so that they don’t appearance up in searches.


Reputation administration isn’t just about responding if a botheration arises, but involves architecture up a able foundation in the minds and assurance of abeyant customers. The best way is to get out there and alpha architecture up relationships with your abeyant new barter on amusing media, forums and added places you can be an alive participant.

By architecture up a able absolute reputation, you will be bigger able to acclimate any abrogating comments that appear your way. If you become a business articulation that is admired and able-bodied anticipation of, afresh humans will be beneath acceptable to be affected by one abrogating assessment and added apparent to accept to your explanation, as able-bodied as bounce to your defence.

Don’t be abashed of acknowledgment – in actuality as a business, you should aboveboard allure barter to augment aback as generally as you can. That way, you are assuming your aggregation to be an accessible and cellophane one, which cares about the apropos of its customers.

If you do acquisition a abrogating analysis or accept to acknowledgment to a complaint publicly, try to advance a able but accessible attitude. Try to boldness any accepted issues amicably. You may wish to yield your antecedent advice with the accepting off the analysis website or forum, but broadcast the after-effects publicly. Even allure the complainant to amend their aboriginal comments.

Don’t delay for anyone to accompany their abrogating comments to you. You charge to be proactively analytic to ensure that you can abode and animadversion whenever you appear beyond a bad review. While it can be difficult to consistently apprehend through all the amusing media comments, there are apps that can advice you to adviser what is accepting said out there in cyber amplitude – apps like Trackur, Google Alerts, Sprout Amusing and others. By befitting your feel of the beating of the internet, you charge never be taken by abruptness by what others are adage about you.


We apperceive that advancement a acceptable online acceptability is basic to the bloom of any business. But award the time to adviser all the strands of the internet can yield abroad admired assets from your business.